Our Products

GDR develop applications that are designed for use specifically over the internet - whether that is on the open World Wide Web or internally in your organisation. The following outlines the range of products we offer.

Data driven commercial websites

Websites that deal with large amounts of data, for example a website displaying a product catalogue, are ideally suited for use with a database. This makes the storing, handling, sorting and displaying of large amounts of data much more manageable and reduces large maintenance overheads in relation to updating the data in your website.

Content Management Systems

For sites that require regular content updates, a content management system will allow a website administrator to update all site content at the touch of a button - therefore providing users of the site with up to the minute content. GDR provides websites and applications with comprehensive, easy to use content management systems.

Bespoke in-house management applications

We provide bespoke management information systems that allow organisations to access data in a legible format. Data such as sales figures, product manifestos, employee information, time keeping etc. can be difficult to use if it is not presented well. Either from an existing data source of from an application that we provided, GDR develop tools that allow for management to view this data in ways that aid with forecast decisions, head count considerations, product scalability etc.

Static business websites

As well as data driven websites we also provide static website development. This would be for example if you are looking for your first online presence - a brochure type site for example - or if you simply do not require a complex website but rather need your contact details online, then this type of site may suit you better.

Domain registration/Web Hosting

When we develop a website/web application for you, if you require a domain name for it then we can organise this for you. Also, if the application will is for use over the internet then we can organise your hosting for you too.

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